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Why Join Plexus as an Ambassador?

There are so many reasons to join Plexus Worldwide as an Ambassador, our products work and sell themselves so you do not have to be a salesperson to be successful.

People join as Ambassadors to:

  • Buy their products at wholesale prices

  • Earn money to cover the cost of their products by referring a few of their friends

  • Earn money back on their own product purchases

  • Replace a full or part time income

  • Save money for their future

  • Help others become healthy

It is affordable for ANYONE to join Plexus Worldwide as an Ambassador at just $34.95 for the year. You get your very own website where people can purchase products. There are no expensive kits you have to buy but there are discounted product packs for those who want to start on the fast track to becoming successful. Product packs  include deeply discounted 30 day supplies, sample packs and everything you need to get started. If you choose to join with a product kit the total cost is only slightly higher than that of a retail slim and accelerator combo and you get the added benefit of being able to make money!

Benefits of having a Plexus business:  

  • 11 ways to earn income

  • Earn up to 5 paychecks per month

  • No inventory to keep in stock

  • No high quotas or requirements

  • Products that work and sell themselves

  • Tremendous upline and team support

  • Plexus Lexus program

Who can be successful with a Plexus business?

Anybody 18 years or older can be a successful Plexus Ambassador, this is ideal for people who work, stay at home moms and dads, hairdressers, retirees, college students basically anyone who wants to lose weight, become healthier, help people and make money!

Can I Make Money with Plexus?

Are you ready to change your life and your future with your own business?

Here is how to get started, click on the JOIN NOW link below, next click Join Plexus on the website, select either the $34.95 annual membership fee or one of the many product packs.

After you make your selection you will be prompted to select a backup qualification order. This is NOT like a traditional auto ship that will be sent every month no matter what, it is simply there to ensure you will be paid and must be active. However it is conditional in that if you or your customers purchase a combined total of 100 pv or more per month through your website, the backup order will NEVER ship and you will not be charged. This essentially means that your business can be free every month when just ONE customer orders a combo pack at the retail price. Your backup order can also be cancelled easily in the back office without even having to call the company.

I am excited for you to join us on this exciting life changing journey JOIN NOW to get started!

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